Good day to you dear reader, thank you very much for clicking on this article, I always appreciate you taking the time to read my words.

                Recently, I have been thinking about the reason why I provide translation services. I know very well why I considered it as a future career, I knew since my childhood that my level of English could be compared to that of a native speaker; and I had the knowledge that there was a lot of work in this profession in various fields of specialization; and I like the work I do, it has its charm to convey a message in different ways to various readers.

                However, I have begun to feel that this is not enough, as there has to be “something more” in the work in which one develops. It’s not enough that you just like what you do, it has to be a stronger feeling, that which drives you forward, even on days when you don’t feel good, or feel like working.

                The word I naturally thought of was “passion”. I think it is one of the most important factors that motivates you to keep working every day, and when you begin to stop feeling it, your performance starts to decrease at work, and this lack of motivation can affect any activity in which you are involved.

                What motivates me to continue working as a translator? I can’t just like it, it must be a deeper drive than that. What is it that makes me work long hours every day serving my clients? What makes you go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect with your work?

                I guess this topic is a bit more personal than usual, but I had the desire to express it. When I started to question the origin of my passion for translation, I started to remember WHY I am asked for translations in the first place. When a client comes to me, it is not simply because he or she wants to have a paper in another language so that it looks nice in his or her home, this document has a purpose for them, and that purpose is what I started to remember.

                I have had clients fortunate enough to entrust me with their translations because they needed them to have their studies revalidated and they are looking to continue their education abroad, to obtain their dual citizenship and to be able to belong to another community as a naturalized citizen, to have easy to understand machinery instructions so that any equipment can be used without any problem. I am very grateful to assist with this type of issues, but I have also received requests for translations to address more sensitive issues.

                I worked to help my client obtain parental rights for her grandson to care for and protect him, and to ensure his future development and education; I worked to obtain justice for a client who suffered great loss, and to bring peace back into their life; and I worked for non-governmental organizations to seek justice around the world, and not let some important issues fall through the cracks. It is these kinds of jobs that have helped me reignite my passion for translation, because, even if only indirectly, I feel that I contribute to addressing the problems that my clients seek to solve, and to bring justice for people who truly deserve it, and I could not have gotten to that feeling without the help of my clients.

                If you have entrusted me with one of your translations, thank you very much for giving me that opportunity, because I feel happy to have helped you in your life in one way or another, and I could never have felt that way if you had not trusted me.

                Let’s keep working to help.