Good morning my dear reader, I welcome you to another article of this blog, thank you very much for your time to share with you my thoughts about the fascinating subject of translation. On this occasion, I would like to tell you about advertising translation, and how it can be very different from what we may be used to in the field of translation.

                Typically, when a person is looking for a translation, one might only want their message to be exactly the same, but in another language. If we are working on a text that is of a technical or medical nature, this makes sense, and one should only try to modify some details for comprehension, this is something that a translator should definitely do. But when it comes to advertising translation, a completely different process must be followed.

                What happens with this kind of texts is that a message that we take for granted that is understandable for us, may not be true for another audience, and this can sometimes be difficult to identify for oneself, because as you grew up within a culture, certain expressions may be completely part of your identity, and you have no idea that it is not really understandable for other people.

                Let’s look at this with an example:

There should be less traffic on the motorway.

                For those that are used to British English, this makes perfect sense, and most people in England would understand what it is referring to.

Now, let’s imagine that you would like to launch a new application to the market that tells you traffic times on US freeways. And to promote it, you decide to write advertising to make it known to the general public. The result could be:

Get to know traffic times on the motorway!

                Your English customers will have no problem understanding the message, but what if your intention is to launch your product in the US market? One possibility is that they do not quickly understand the purpose of the advertising, and in the modern world where we have ads everywhere, we only have a few seconds to get the attention of potential new customers, and if they do not understand it in that short time, they will probably ignore it.

                The simplest solution in this case is simply to use the word “highway” for the US market, and “motorway” for the English market. This will be understood by both audiences and potential clients will quickly understand the purpose of the app.

                This fact is the interesting and nice thing about advertising translation, you can play and change the original text in order to achieve the real objective: to get the person interested in the product, and to obtain this result, an advertising translation may lose all its original words, but it will have the goal of the original, which is to get the person interested in the product and acquire it for his or her use.

                And to select the right words, you have to think about who your target audience is, and from there it is a matter of thinking a lot about what potential customers are most interested in.

At Translab, this is precisely what we do, to think of various ways in which an advertising text could be changed in order to attract the attention of future clients, rest assured that it will be worthwhile to entrust your text to a translator who has studied precisely for this type of text.

Thank you very much for your interest, I am here to help you.