Document Translation

Our main service, we offer to translate the exact message of your original document into a target language. Although it sounds simple, it has many steps in between:

  • Initial reading
  • Identification of drafting problems (sometimes the original text must be corrected before translation)
  • Terminology analysis
  • Glossary creation (a personal glossary is made for each of our clients)
  • Research of the analyzed terms (their meanings and translations)
  • First draft of the translation
  • Second reading, comparing with the draft for any inconsistencies
  • Revision and correction of the translation
  • Final reading
  • Sending to the customer for reading
  • Subsequent corrections (if changes are made by the client)

As you can see, we have a very clear process for a correct translation, and we give this attention to all our clients.

Transcription of scanned documents

We provide the service of transcription of documents. This service is offered for clients who have several scanned documents that they use for their work, but who would like to have them in Word format so that they can make changes and editions without the problem of having them in PDF without being able to edit it easily and quickly.

At Translab we use audio transcription software to make the process faster and more efficient, so we can deliver your documents faster to clients like you.

Conference Interpretation

We provide interpreting services. Unlike translation, which involves working with written texts only, the field of interpreting is dedicated to working exclusively by voice, listening to a person's language, and transmitting it to the client's preferred language, and vice versa.

This can be simultaneous (where the interpreter whispers into the client's ear) or consecutive (where both listen to the interpreter, with frequent pauses). In the same way that translation has its methodology, a quality interpretation requires a lot of skill and ability, due to the necessary knowledge of the terminology relevant to the subject being spoken, and the ability to say the same term in the target language, and at Translab we offer an interpreter who will be able to follow your conversation in the most natural way possible.

Transcription and Subtitles of videos

We dedicate our work to the service of transcription and subtitling of videos. In this field, you must have a good ear to listen to the conversations that are presented in videos of great importance to our clients, in order to transcribe them correctly, and then add subtitles in another language for your target audience to read.

At Translab we have transcription and subtitling software to deliver your videos fully subtitled in the languages you require.

Seal of expert (perito) translator and apostille of documents

We deliver apostilles of your documents. An apostille is a sheet of paper that is added to a legal document to prove that that document is original and can be formally used in a government agency in another country that has the same treaty. This format can only be acquired in the country of origin, so we can provide you with the service for your documents from California, USA and Baja California, Mexico.

Not all documents can have this, but don't worry, we can inform you if your document is a candidate to be apostilled.

Fields of translation in which we work

Technical or engineering texts (main field)

Our core service is to work with manufacturing companies to translate their documents for use by production and engineering teams.

We have considerable experience in this field, having translated over 20,000 pages since the foundation of Translab up to the present time, having generated several glossaries with terminology confirmed by the different engineers we have worked with.

Legal texts (as an expert or perito translator)

We provide legal translation services, this includes documents with a lot of text such as contracts and lawsuits, as well as personal documents such as birth certificates. Like our previous service, we have many years in this field, having several legal dictionaries for an adequate translation in various contexts needed by our clients.

Medical texts

We provide medical translation services, for example, translation of medical procedures, prescriptions, description of doctor's services, among others. We have a team that has worked within hospitals doing this type of work, and that experience is now used for our clients at Translab.

Advertising texts

For our clients who need translation services for their ads and videos, we offer our editing and layout technology to provide them with texts that are understandable and eye-catching for their target clients. Our experience with different types of software helps us a lot in this field.

Economic and commercial texts (import/export texts, statements, etc.)

Sometimes it is necessary to translate texts with terminology as complex as those necessary to fulfill customs requirements, or to present documents with delicate information such as annual tax declarations. At Translab we have the experience to translate these texts that are very close to the original for easy and quick comparison with the original document if necessary.

Do not leave your documents in the hands of anyone. In Translab we can help you!